Some education support professionals don’t feel like their story matters. We can tell you first hand that it truly does. Please share your story so that others can learn, be inspired, and better understand education support professionals.


We are accepting submissions in three forms:


1) Written stories

2) Written stories with a photo of you

3) Video stories taken on a phone or camera


We prefer video stories, but are happy with anything that you are willing to share.

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    Not sure what to share? Here are the questions from the video to help you along.

    1. How long have you been an education support professional?

    2. Why did you become an education support professional? Or what is the best part about being an education support professional?

    3. What are some common misperceptions about what you do?

    4. What is your most rewarding story? Or what is the best compliment you have ever receieved from a student, parent, or colleague?

    5. Who is a fellow education support professional that inspires you and why?

    6. What inspires you to continue to be an education support professional?


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